Good Software For The Sony PSP

April 6, 2007 at 12:10 Leave a comment

You really should downgrade your PSP if you have one. It gives you access to some really nice homebrew software, some of which is really useful (and the main reason for me even owning a PSP).

The software I really like is:

Bookr – a ebook and pdf-file reader. The screen on the PSP is just awesome, far better than the screen on my PDA, for instance, making it perfect for reading pdf’s. I get a lot of pdf’s to read in my research, so it’s great to be able to carry some around. Some files are a bit slow to scroll around in, others work far better. Have not tried it for ordinary ebooks, but that should work even better.

PEPviewer – one of the major reasons why I bought the PSP was to be able to read comics on it. I’ve read on my laptop before, but it was a bit to heavy, to costly in batteries, and it took a little bit too long to start up. Worked fine when running, however, but still, didn’t feel right. Oh, and having 1,5 kilo of laptop on your chest in bed wasn’t all that comfortable either. Enter the PSP. The standard PSP picture viewer is decent, but not optimized for comics, at all. It is slow, always start in the middle of the picture, and does some kind of sharpening of the pictures as you scroll, meaning that you’ll have to wait a second or two when scrolling around. And it sorts the images in the wrong order. Hardly perfect. PEPviewer solves all these problems, how ever. It works just like it should. There are a couple of smaller issues I have with it. I would like to be able to configure which buttons I want to use myself. And support for larger images would be nice. And to be able to zoom the entire image in a couple of steps would also be nice, but it is a very good piece of software.

MultiPixelFixer – Most, if not all, PSP’s have dead or stuck pixels. If you think that you don’t have them, you’ve probably just haven’t found them yet. MultiPixelFixer is a simple homebrew which tries to get them unstuck. After running for halv an hour, it unstuck one of my pixels. Will leave it running for longer to try to see if it fixes the one stuck pixel I have left. Worth a try if your stuck pixels are bothering you. I won’t fix dead pixels, however, as they are… dead.

PSPradio – It plays streaming music on the PSP. Really cool, but nothing that I’ve tried very much. But… Cool.

That’s it for now. Will probably update with more software in the future as I test them.


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