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Extreme Boule

A couple of summers ago we played Extreme Boule, for the first time. Perhaps we actually created something new? Can’t find any suggestions on google that there are something similar, which might, or might not, be significant.
The rules are simple; the game is fun, ever changing, and kind of cruel towards those that are in a loosing streak.
Basically you play it on a big field. We played on a gravel soccer field, which is something like 40 x 60 meters. Wherever the jack is thrown, you play. Nothing can get out of bounds as long as all the players can see the jack (which probably should be a golf ball instead, in order to be able to be seen at greater distances). The aim is to mix up the game as much as possible, playing on grass, in sand, on gravel, and preferably with slopes in the game, as well as other differences in height. You really need some strength to throw a boule 40 or 50 meters, and to do it with precision is even harder! Also, when throwing the jack, it is up to the person throwing where it will be thrown, any length or direction is acceptable. The person who won the last round throws the jack, but is the last to throw the boule. That means that, in accordance with the SEAL motto, it pays to be a winner.

Will work out more specific details about the game later, and try to snap some photos. I really think this is a far more EXTREME game than Boule, which obviously isn’t all that impressive :)

Update: There are others…


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