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Movie Review: 300

After waiting for a long time, the local cinema finally choose to show the movie 300. Don’t really know why the wait, but for a while they were considering not showing it at all. But, we do get dozens of crappy Swedish movies, so who am I to complain?

300 is a historic movie based on a comic book. My personal favorite of all history, specifically Greek history, is the battle of Thermopylae. Not only because of the valor of the Spartans, but because of their extreme civilization. It is one of the weirdest societies I’ve ever read about, and probably one of the harshest to live in.

The movie is based on a comic book, rather than history, and the visuals show this clearly. Pretty much everything is computer animated, and it looks really good. The story is one of valor, but, the main story is action. Violence. Massive amounts. In fact, stunningly massive amounts. Among the 120 minutes the movie lasts, at least 90 of them are pure violence. Not that I’m complaining, but even I was surprised. Beneath all the violence, gore, deaths, freaks and naked breasts (yeah, they really don’t care about the American rating) it is a really good movie. I enjoyed it tremendously, and can’t wait for the DVD. This is a wonderful, non-stop, violence fest.

Some words on the political context: Yes, this movie gives a poor image of, well, pretty much anyone else than the Spartans. Especially the Persians, who mostly seem like evil freaks. And, I don’t really believe that Xerxes was a gigantic androgynous man. But, this is a MOVIE, not a documentary. Relax. And do read up on the real history behind the events. The Persian culture is fascinating too!

Verdict: Must see (as long as you like violent movies, otherwise stay away!)


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