Me!I’m a 30-something PhD with a focus in the field of information security working at the University of Skövde with a degree from Stockholm University. My area is “Social Engineering” and the human element of security. I hold a B.Sc in information systems, an MBA in e-business (the very first in Sweden!) and a frighteningly large amount of course credits from a quite heterogeneous set of subjects. At times I compete at a decent national level in pistol and revolver shooting, go for long walks and think about stuff. I have a wire-haired Dachshund called “Greta” who was voted to be the thrid  most beautiful dog (out of way over 100) at a local supermarket a year ago (yeah, that is the kind of thing I tend to brag about).


I am an awesome public speaker in the field of information security and manipulation of humans, amongst other things. If you are interested in me holding lectures/workshops etc. feel free to contact me. Or perhaps you just want to contact me for some other reason. Feel free. Do remember that I am a bit of a contrarian, however, so I’ll probably have different ideas than most in the security field.

At times I’ll write in Swedish, but that’s when the texts are pretty much strictly of interest for Swedish people, for instance when commenting on Swedish articles. It just seems wrong to comment an article written in Swedish in English. Awkward. So, this is the way it is for now, the goal is to keep as much as possible in English.

The opinions are my own, and does not represent those of either my schools, my job or anything or anyone else.


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