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Movie Review: Alpha Dog

In Alpha Dog we follow a gang of young criminals, in an downward spiral of drugs and violence. Based on real events, the movie serves mostly as an interresting insight into the life of well off smalltime crooks in suburbia, smooching of their parents, doing drugs and living the good life. Until they suddenly get involved into serious crimes, especially a kidnapping, where they suddenly find themselves facing real, hard, time. My initial attraction to this movie was Bruce Willis (yeah, I admit I’m a fan) and also curiosity to see whether or not Justin Timberlake could act. No, there weren’t much Bruce Willis in the movie, and yes, Timberland can act. Or, perhaps not. I don’t know if “playing an obnoxious rich kid” is such a stretch for him, actually, but, hey, it works here. The movie is a rather horrifying insight into how violence escalates, and worth seeing.

Verdict: See

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Movie Review: The Hoax

In the Hoax we follow the story of an elaborate, if well meaning and at the beginning unwilling, con-man trying to convince his publisher that he is going to write the autobiography of the mysterious and highly private millionaire Howard Hughes. He do, however, not have a single connection to Hughes and makes it all up, but in the process becomes entangled with Hughes personality.

Lasse Hallström has a great talent for telling stories, and this is an interesting one. I, personally, think that Richard Gere always plays the same part, but with different names. Alfred Molina, however, is terrific as the second fiddle. The problem is that I don’t really care about anyone in the story. Hallström simply doesn’t manage to tell the story in such a way that it comes to life. The historic angles are good, of course, but this is the kind of movie you can both see and miss. If you like the historic period, however, you should see it.

Verdict: See (But just barely, and do rent it).

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