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Movie Review: TMNT

Ah, the nostalgia. Back in the old days, the last millenium, I used to rush home to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Sky TV. In Sweden they were, called Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles, as this would be perceived as less violent. You know, because adults think that kids are all retards. “Hey, these plastic turtles all have swords! Let’s play that they are fighting the evil Schredder!”
“No, violent friend with no name, the turtles are called heroes, lets play that they are giving social welfare to single moms instead!”
“You are right, brave and well indoctrinated kid”. But, I digress.

Yes, I did enjoy the old turtles. The somewhat crude animations, the steadily declining ironic, and satiric, tone. The movies came out well after I’ve lost my interest, but you have to respect actors managing to do any kind of fighting moves in those costumes. Yes, they were done with real actors. This new movie, TMNT, are computer animated. Not very well animated, but decent enough. The turtles looks awesome, the humans look bleak and as if they are from cut scenes in a decent budget video game. The story could have been written by any one of the target audience, but that really doesn’t matter. A movie about mutated turtles are pretty much never going to be Oscar-material anyhow. The movie kind of works. There are a couple of scenes which would have been impressive had they been done by actors, but I don’t really get impressed by stunts done by computer animated characters. And it gets a bit boring at times. And the ironic attitudes of the old turtles are gone. And I saw it dubbed with Swedish voices (the horror!). But… We are talking about ninja turtles here. It’s a decent movie, after all, and it you have any kind of relationship with the old Turtles, you shouldn’t pass on this.

Verdict: See


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Movie Review: Smokin’ Aces

Smokin’ Aces is a movie dealing more with slick scenes, cool actors and dialogue, than with brains and and any kind of “message”. It’s all about style. And it does it really, really well. The entire movie is filled with the kind of non stop fun I like in a movie. Sure, it’s filled with kind of strange twists and turns, but it is also filled with really, if not good, then cool, actors. And, action a plenty, so the weak points are easily forgotten. I really enjoyed this movie.

Verdict: Must See.

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