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Polisen Behöver Större Pang-Pang, Eller Behöver De Mer Poliser?

SvD beskriver ett förslag om att fler poliser ska ha tillgång till prickskyttegevär. Jag citerar lite:

“Ett gisslandrama i Stockholm eller en större, dramatisk flykt från Hall-fängelset i Södertälje kan utveckla sig till en situation som polisen inte kan hantera. Polisen kan behöva täckas av en krypskytt vid förföljande av en brottsling över ett större fält, den kan även behöva skjuta genom en glasruta. Men idag kan detta endast lösas av den nationella insatsstyrkan.

Det håller inte, menar borgar-rådet Kristina Alvendal (m) som är ordförande Stockholms polisstyrelse. I morgon lägger hon därför en skrivelse om en regeländring.”

Det här är en fullständigt befängt resonemang.  Självklart ska polisen ha tillgång till de vapen den behöver. Men jag har lite svårt att se att polisen verkligen behöver en massa nya vapen. Enligt min erfarenhet, och faktiskt efter vad man läser i media generellt, så tycks inte polisernas problem alls vara att de har för dåliga vapen, utan att det finns för lite poliser. Anledningen till att det verkar finnas för lite poliser är att poliserna gör “fel” saker. Det är en till synes oändlig administration, och något geni har kommit på idéen att avskaffa polissekreterarna, vilket gjort att poliserna numera spenderar en anmärkningsvärt stor del av sin arbetstid med att skriva rapporter.

Den som tror att poliserna har för dåliga vapen har nog tyvärr en ganska dålig insikt i vad poliserna jobbar med. Låt oss istället fokusera på att ge poliserna en dräglig arbetssituation och minska all administration. Jag tror det skulle göra fantastiskt mycket större nytta än att slänga mer vapen på dem.

Insatsstyrkan, däremot, ska självklart ha mer kraftfulla vapen för att kunna lösa de situationer den kan komma att hamna i. Men, det verkar den ju redan ha.

Än en gång: Vi löser inte den här sortens problem genom mer vapen, utan mer poliser som gör mer polisarbete. Så enkelt är det.


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Todays Most Useless Product


Ok, so we buy a lot of bottled water. And, yes, I buy them too, even if we have some of the best water in the world here. As the market is just insanely profitable, there are new actors entering the market constantly. And they all strive towards finding new products. This, however, is kind of the ultimate “screw you”-product. They sell bottled water. Now with more oxygen! Something you have available almost for free, and something you get for free, are now bottled into something expensive! Yay!

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Dagens knepiga skylt…

Denna goding hittades på ett lokalt industriföretag…


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Todays Lusty Gadget: Fujitsu LifeBook FMV-U8240 ultra-mobile PC

The Register has a preview of the new Ultra-mobile PC from Fujitsu. It is very, very small, at about 0.5 kilos. Looks fairly usable, though. The major selling point is the reasonable price, at about 9 500 sek (or ¥164,000, £685) for the version with 1 GB of memory. 4 hours of battery life is acceptable. Combined with an extended battery 8 hours should be possible. If the price stays on the same level, I might actually consider replacing my IBM x40 laptop with one of these. I really like the x40, but it weights 1.6 kilo with the extended battery and 1.2 with the standard battery, which only lasts about one hour and thus is pretty useless. This would be half the weight. Ah, the temptations.

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Review: LaptopCooler

Suddenly I find myself enjoying the pleasure of working with a laptop in my lap. In fact, I prefer it even to working at my desktop, at home or at work. Yeah, it suits me to have this nice, lazy, style of work. Ergonomically, I actually think that it might be preferable to the desktop, but who knows, really? I have a very small laptop, and IBM x40, which is a really nice machine, even if the hard disk is painfully slow. The size is just right for working at, even for extended periods of time.

The major problem with having a laptop in your lap is that it is probably going to put some heat to your groin area. A lot of heat. There are scientist claiming potential reproductive problems, but I am doubtful. What stands clear, however, is that there is a lot of discomfort in having a hot laptop in your lap for long periods of time.

As I do not like noisy fan-based solutions, I decided to try something else. A high-tech tray with some built-in cooling materials (Phase Change Material), that acts like ice, that is, slowly liquefying in order to keep your laptop cooler, and your lap cooler to.  The materials have been developed by Climator. The product costs 400 Swedish crowns, roughly $55 usd.

The LaptopCooler is a little bigger than my laptop, but that is to be expected as my laptop is really small. It sits comfortably in my lap, and does in fact keep the heat down. After using it for about four to five hours, the effect start to fade, and once again I feel the (non-dirty) heat starting to develop in my groin area. The LaptopCooler should return to its ordinary state after a couple of hours in room temperature, or even less in a cooler environment, such as the fridge.

So, what do I think about the product? I don’t know. It makes the experience of laptop burns less noticeable, but it is kind of expensive. It adds bulk to the laptop, it weights close to a kilo, and therefore probably is not something you would like to carry around. If you work a lot with a laptop in your office, as I do, it is probably something you should take a look at. If you are planning to use it for more than say four hours straight, you are going to need two of them, or a good freezer nearby, further adding to the complications.

I like the concept. I find it a little too expensive, and a little too heavy if I’m going to recommend it to everyone, but if you have the same kind of situation as me, then by all means, try it. Just be prepared for a less than optimal solution.

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Movie Review: Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 is supposedly one of the most expensive films ever. And it shows. So, it is impossible to not recommend seeing it, if nothing else just to see what kind of movie you get for unlimited funding. You do get an impressive movie. But not necessarily a good movie. The qualities of SM3 are obvious. It looks and sounds great. There are a lot of awesome action scenes. Bruce Campell has a small part. Yay for Bruce! Venom is in the movie! Spider-Man wears his black suite/parasite. So it should be just amazing, right? Wrong. Where the first two movies, and especially the second, managed to capture the dilemma of being spider-man, the hopelessness and the problems, this movie focuses too much of Parkers love for MJ, mechanically played by snaggle-tooth herself, Kirsten Dunst. The addition of Gwen Stacy does not really upset the balance either, and Bryce Dallas Howard doesn’t manage to capture the allure of Gwen anyhow. She just doesn’t fit the part. Topher Grace plays the bad guy much like McDonalds make gourmet food; it is hard to forget where they come from. Topher barely works in a sit-com, but not here. Tobey goes on auto pilot, and manages to do a decent spider-man. The fact that he looks like a complete fool when trying to be cool is certainly a well thought out plan.

The good stuff? Thomas Haden Church is very, very good. Bruce Campbell is always entertaining. The story is kind of weak, but that is expected, this is a movie based on a comic book. There are ample betrayal, action, things flying around, honesty, bravery and romance. And an ugly moped.

So where did the movie go wrong then? I think it gave up on the characters. One of the things that attracted me to the comic books (yes, I am a comic book fan) is the variety of the stories, and the depth of the characters. And, yes, the development. Here the way the characters develops are given from the beginning, no surprises, and really just a distance to travel between the action scenes. In short: Everyone loves spider-man in this movie. His life is working well. No big problems at home, no apparent financial problems. Kind of… the opposite of the spider-man we love from the comics, and the previous films. Sad, really.

Verdict: See (obviously you should see the movie anyhow, even if it isn’t good. It is, after all, ridiculously expensive).

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Movie Review: Catch And Release

I like Kevin Smith. Silent Bob. That is why I ignored all reason and saw yet another “romantic comedy”. The plot of Catch And Release? “A woman struggles to accept the death of her fiance and the secrets he kept from her as she rebuilds her life.” I don’t really know how, but the movie is in fact even MORE boring than the plot outline. Yet, there is Kevin Smith. He is funny. The problem is that pretty much everything else is boring. Garner is decent, as is Sam Jaeger, but really, they should release this in a Kevin Smith edition with only his scenes.
Oh, yeah, there is an annoying kid in the movie. And it is close to two hours long. And the good guy loses. Oh, yeah, the story is perhaps as predictable as can be. But, the characters have potential. It is so sad to see it wasted on a idiotic story such as this.

Verdict: Don’t see.

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So, Dead Is Not DEAD-DEAD, Untill You Try To Give Life.

I don’t know all that much about these things, but this article “To Treat The Dead” on a changed perspective on death was really interesting!

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