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The Sony Ericsson HPM-70 headset

Bought one of these headsets about a week ago. My main ambition were to get some sound insulation from ambient traffic noises while I’m walking, but I didn’t expect all that much from sound quality. Or, well, that’s not entirely correct; I had heard suggestions that the headphones were the same as in Sony’s SL-71, which are highly regarded in-ears. But, I have for a long time regarded pretty much all in -ears as crap, in comparison to ordinary headphones.
I was wrong.
This headset sounds simply marvelous. I will not drop a lot of cool phrases describing the base and midrange and whatnot suffice to say – they sound really, really good. Especially compared to the headphones that came with the K750i, but they also stand up really well to my big, ordinary, headphones. They do dampen ambient sound, surprisingly well. Well enough that I tend to get a bit worried when crossing the street.
There are two things that I do not like about them, however. Both are related to the type they are, in-ears. The first one is wind noise. Yes, I hear a clear wind noise. Kind of irritating, but only really noticeable when the wind blows. And probably something that will not be a problem when I use a beanie or something. The second problem is that because they are like earplugs, you also get the strange sound of your own body resonating. So you actually hear your own bones moving, while walking. I’m kind of used to this from pistol competitions, but still, it is a weird feeling.

Overall, though, I highly recommend these. If you have a compatible phone, don’t hesitate to get them. I will even be using them (together with an extension cable, the original cable is really short) with my real mp3 player.


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