Starting to get Fit: Month 2

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Running is HARD. A month of bike rides does not prepare you at all for running. Even the though the distance is laughingly short (3 km) the lungs still scream for air and the legs feel like mud. And the pain the day after is… intense. There are still glimpses of hope. I did keep a slightly too high tempo, pushing my heart rate to around 90 % for the distance, which, of course, is far too high at this state. The times were acceptable, considering everything. I averaged at around 6 minutes/ kilometre, I think. Next time I will try to keep the heart rate down somewhat, and focus on just doing the run at a decent pace to prepare the body.
Ever since I bought the swimming goggles with prescription strength (Check out for them), I’ve been enthusiastic about swimming. I have not been able to see in the pool the last… 20 years or so, so this is quite a change. Also, the level of comfort is a lot higher with swimming glasses. I do recommend it. The first time I went swimming I did around 700 meters, almost on max heart rate for most of the time, and was extremely tired afterwards. The second time I forced myself to keep a steady pace, do fewer strokes and, well, to swim better. It went fantastic. I managed to swim 1000 meters, which is by far the longest I’ve ever swam, and I felt great afterwards. The time was less than impressive (at around 43 minutes) but, it is a beginning. I will try to swim 1000 meters a week for a while now, then slowly increase the distance to the Olympic distance (1500 meters). Once I can swim that distance with ease, I’ll try to work on speed. I am trying to convince my friends who are better swimmers than me to train me, but they are reluctant.
When it comes to biking indoor, progress has been good. I’ve managed to nudge up a level of resistance (to 4 out of 8) while still keeping the same pace (cadence of around 80) and not get out of the comfort zone in my heart rate (70 – 80 %). That is progress! I now try to work a bit harder on the interval training, though, not aiming for just to stay in 80 – 90 %, but to really give it 100 % and really go as hard as I can. It is really tough, however. Painful and brutal. The idea is to be able to do 10 reps of 1 min activity, 2 min rest, with a good warm-up and cool down. Once these intervals feel acceptable, I will try to mix it up with shorter and more intense intervals too, like 20 seconds max, 70 seconds rest. But, longer in the season I will also start to do a session of interval training in the form of speed work-outs while running too, so I will have to be careful to not overdo it. 2 interval sessions, 1 long distance run, 1 long distance biking and one swimming should be plenty enough.  I am looking for a decent used road bike now. It is a gadget-lovers paradise with new bikes, but cost quickly runs up to $2000 and above, and I don’t really want to spend that kind of amounts. So hopefully I can find a decent used bike, so that I don’t need to spend more than say… $800 on bike and shoes. That is pretty much my limit at this time. But, the spring should be virtually filled with used bikes, so that will sort it self out in time.
In order to do a bit of strength training I’ve designed a basic program that I do after the distance sessions on the bike. Really basic, just sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, dips and a back excersise. Do not need anything fancy, just tries to get a bit more upper body strength.

Oh, yeah, the resting heart rate is around 54 now. That is progress…

Fitter, healthier and more productive.

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