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Surprisingly Good Service From Lidl

A little more than two years ago I bought a USB-drive from Lidl. It was a really good price at the time, for 300GB’s, and I really could not resist the offer. They only got like five at the store, but I was first in line so I actually got two (one for my brother in law too). When it comes to products from Lidl, I really did not think all that much about warranty… They are, you know, cheap. The manufacturer where the mystic “Targus”, and no real information was available on the net. The disk worked fine, however, but was quite loud. After getting my new iMac, and a new 1TB external drive (Western Digital Home, silent and a really good buy!) the old Targus drive was “retired” as a drive to which I could do complete system backups using ?carbon copy cloner?. And it worked nicely, for a couple if weeks. Then the Targus died. It simply stopped working, could not be formatted and, well, did not work.
I thought, hey, what the hell, Lidl ARE offering a three-year warranty! Might as well check it out. I couldn’t find the reciet, though, but I called Lidl and asked for advice. I was told to call Targus directly. At Targus I got to talk to a person from Denmark, making the conversation kind of difficult, but manageable. I was told to send the drive, and power adapter, to a company in Sweden (CLC Infocare), they would then send the drive to Germany, where it would be repaired and sent to me. I paid for the cheapest possible postage (74 sek) and sent it away, not expecting to get it back for a couple of months… But, much to my surprise, it was delivered to me this Wednesday (even if I wasn’t at home to pick it up). They had exchanged the old, broken, 300GB drive with a new 320GB one. And it seems to work nicely now, even if it is as loud as before…
However, I am really impressed by Lidl’s customer care, actually. THAT is something I did not expect to say at all…


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