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A Quick Review Of The Bestskinsever-Skin For The Ipod Classic.

So I got a new ipod classic 80 GB. Beautiful machine. In fact, beautiful enough to warrant me thinking about getting some kind of cover. I normally tend to frown upon using covers, as I see electronics as something that should be able to handle some abuse, and I don’t really frown upon small scratches. Therefore I’ve never used a cover or protection for my cell phones, and just a simple screen protector for my old Archos gmini 200. That screen protector is pretty horrible, but works. Got it for a dollar at a Radio Shack in SF, but it’s really nothing I’d like to recommend.

As the ipod is notoriously prone to scratches, I wanted to protect the whole thing. Covers where right out, as they make the ipod look ugly, and are bulky. Therefore a full ipod plastic cover sounded precisely what I wanted.

I did buy a “complete cover kit” from a Swedish store, called As it turned out, this was far from a complete cover kit, as it only covered areas of the ipod, so I returned it and got my money back (nice company, by the way). Then I decided to order a highly rated cover, from abroad. There are basically two companies selling high class covers, and Shildzone. According to what I’ve read online, they both use exactly the same material, made by 3M, so the actual quality is the same. Shieldzone offers a warranty, and is three times more expensive, while bestskinsever is… cheap. Me, being… cheap, opted for the bestskinsever product. I ordered one complete protection set for the ipod, one skin for my PSP and a “DIY-skin” for future use. All in all it cost about $19 including delivery to Sweden. Delivery was surprisingly swift, less than a week. The covers arrived in an ordinary letter.

Application of the cover on the ipod was tricky. It requires some care in order to not mess it up. I did manage a decent result, but there are some slight bubbles that has not gone away, and sadly some dirt/bubbles on the screen itself. Nothing that really bothers me, but do note that application requires a bit of time, set an hour aside for it and you’ll probably have time to spare. Follow the instructions carefully, though, and use more water than you’d think in order to keep the parts “floaty” on the surface.

The end result is good, however. It gives the ipod a different look, somewhat more shiny, but it still looks quite nice. The level of protection should be more than adequate, according to other tests. I do think the scrolling is somewhat affected by the skin, as it doesn’t really feel the same as before, but it should be OK when I get used to it. The backside of my ipod managed to get scratched from lying in its original plastic cover, unused. Amazing. I should have gotten a skin as soon as I ordered the ipod.

All in all I am very happy, and would not hesitate to recommend bestskinsever.

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