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Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is a strange movie. Action-packed, ridiculously violent (although there’s not a single drop of blood, all to please the people setting the age limits. Disney have a strange way of making kid movies filled with violence). The story is quite simple, but still leads to an amazingly complicated end battle. Yes, it is a fun flick, and well worth seeing, but it is a far cry from the first movie. It is a bit too much over the top for my taste, and at 2 hours 40 minutes I kind of doubt that the kids can keep their attention up.

Oh, and yes, it is interesting that the movie so obviously likes pirates, and claims that they are the heroes (although they kind of live by killing and pillaging) by claiming that they fight for freedom… While at the same time the studios are battling so fiercely against piracy (of movies and music) by trying to limit the freedom om customers (by DRM). Perhaps we’ll see a movie in 200 years detailing the struggles of the movie pirates against the evil cooperations that want to enslave them? Perhaps, but probably not done by Disney…

Verdict: See


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