The Good Shepherd

March 19, 2007 at 00:06 1 comment

A movie packed with stars… About spies! Now, that’s potential. It is, however, a really loooooooooooong movie. And, having a main character that doesn’t speak, we’ll, that’s the kind of role that’s more suited for some other actor than Matt Damon. I do like Damon, but in more verbal parts. Or, as a kick-ass Bond-like agent. As a socially awkward, silent, elderly man? No, not my first choice. And, while I do guess Angelina Jolie was wearing make-up to match her supposed age, she still looked way to hot to be believable. Oh, and it’s worth noting that this is fiction, though in a real setting. No documentary, and the persons are mostly made up.

This is the kind of movie you’ll enjoy if you are really interested in history, or the actual craft of spies. That is, tedious, meticulous, planning and manipulation. And, the absence of normality. If, however, you have a more casual interest in the subject you’ll find it to be boring and far to long. So, for the general public: Don’t see. For spy-geeks: See.

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This is SOOOO unlike what would happen in Sweden… IMDB’s keywords

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    […] depth of personalities. And it does this really good, in contrast to, for instance, the rather poor The Good Shepherd, that aimed for pretty much the same feeling, but failed so miserably by being boring. This movie, […]


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