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March 19, 2007 at 00:25 Leave a comment

I love IMDB. Truly. Probably one of the best sites on the net. The recent general overhaul of the layout and features, has brought some unwanted changes, however. Most notably: Plot keywords. They’ve always been there, I suppose, but now they are right up at the top. And, they tend to be huge spoilers. Just looking at the first page for the movie I just saw, gives away the following key words (yeah, sorry for spoiling it, but it is to prove a point): “Beaten To Death / CIA / Bigotry / Racial Tension / Breasts”. Now, not only are they wildly exaggerated (this is in no way a movie about breasts (sadly, considering the actors :) ) and nor is it about bigotry and racial tension. There is, however, someone being beaten to death in it. I really don’t see the need for these keywords. Perhaps that is because I generally don’t select movies based on whether or not someone gets beaten to death in them. Or, perhaps it’s just an example of when the features that CAN be made, SHOULD NOT be made. If you click on “more” keywords, you can read 30 something other keywords, where some are really… interesting.

This is seems like the perfect feature for anyone looking for an evenings entertainment watching movies with topics like “Wetting Pants“, “Shot In The Forehead“, “Corpse” and of course everyone’s favorite: “Pregnant Woman Murdered“. Everyone should be able to find movies to their liking, but… come on, at least stop spoiling the movies. And some accuracy would be nice.

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The Good Shepherd Ah, the sweet cultural differences…

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