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This is SOOOO unlike what would happen in Sweden…

In Heraldtribune we can read about a man not being that severely sentenced even after beating up two policemen who where, without permit, going into his house.

I really don’t stand on the side of the people beating up cops, far from it, but I do find it strangely soothing that there are judges who respect some individual rights, even in the face of unpopular consequences. That is one of the hurdles of security in general – sometimes what is right, has bad consequences. Yes, I do believe that the individual has the right to use what ever he or she chooses to, even though it might make the everyday life easier for “terrorists”, or other unpopular criminals. Why? Because if the price for keeping us secure is to rob us of our freedom, guess who wins?

We who dabble within information security needs to think the same way. It isn’t just nice and clean, it isn’t just the nice companies and banks using our solutions. The bad guys, the black hats, use them too. And, wow, that is kind of off-topic. But the article is great, however :)


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