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The Movie Barnyard (Bondgården)

I saw this movie dubbed to Swedish (yeah, I know, but that was the only alternative). It was a decent way to spend an hour and a half, actually. Better than I thought it would be. Kind of a generic story, however, and a bit of he-haw comedy. And the animation was sub-par when compared to the greats. Still, there was a couple of laughs, and the smaller kids in the audience seemed to like it.

I guess it would have been better with the original voices, of course, but you take what you get when it comes to local cinemas…

One BIG issue though: What is up with the male cows? Granted, it’s been a while since I studied up on the subject, but I REALLY wish that my milk comes from female cows, I do NOT want to be drinking male “milk” in my daily dairy…

On the three degree scale (Don’t see, see, must see) it gets a weak “see”.


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The Unexpected Results of Blue-Ray and HD-DVD

I am pretty much as gizmo-loving as can be. I’ve tried to change, but I tend to get lured into new gizmos. The most recent one was the PSP, and I love it for the ease it brings to reading comics and pdf-files (yes, you’ll need to downgrade it if you want to enjoy those features).

The one new trend I find myself totally uninterested in, however, is the new high-def formats. Yes, I do have a source for HDTV, in my case a decent projector, but still, I would not dream about paying the insane premiums to get HD sources. It seems, to be short, kind of uninteresting.

What IS interesting, however, is what other markets that will gain from the HD race. And the one area where I believe that we’ll see the most impact is… recordable DVD’s in general, and Dual Layer DVD’s in particular. Why? Because “the scene” has already started to release Blu-Ray rips as well as HD-DVD rips, and they are released in such sizes that they fit perfectly on an dual layer disk, or even single layer disks in some cases.

I believe that this is an area where people will start to be penny wise. Most people own the classic movies that they really like on dvd’s already, and now there is a new format. Or two. That expects them to pay for their movies again, the same way they were “forced” to do it when the shift was from VHS to DVD (by the way, does any one want to buy a couple of bags of VHS-tapes? No?). However. Back then the abilities to pirate wasn’t as developed as now, and the quality were horrible, so I do believe that people will be able to justify to themselves FAR MORE the downloading of HD materials based on sources they already own, thus bringing a new group into the downloading race. Also, even the most quality conscious will be able to get what the look for. The people downloading today will, of course, continue to do so, but will enjoy excellent quality movies, for free, without having to buy a ridiculously expensive new HDDVD och Blue-Ray player. And, don’t forget, the vast majority are really satisfied with the quality of DVD’s, and would be hard pressed to pay the expected 50 % premium to get high res.

Yes, I do believe that in the long run, we’ll all have HD. But the run will be unusually long this time. And for the pirates, things are looking ever more brightly.

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